Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FACES TO REUNITE....well almost

FACES TO REUNITE?!  Say it ain't so.  With ALL possible respect due to Woody, Mac and Kenny, it ain't. And it damn sure doesn't sound like The Faces if you're fronted by Mick Hucknell instead of Rod.  Glen Matlock on bass, fair enough  he seems by all accounts of those I know who've met the man to be an affable bloke who is not only a very competent musician but also has been well documented as a full on Faces fan.  But I think some of us can at least agree that Rod has turned into (or at least finally unmasked himself) to be what he's always longed to be: a gasbag all round entertainer.  Now I'm not going to decry a man's duty to put food on his families table because when you've laid as much pipe and sired as many offsprings as Rod The Mod you can't afford to not be out there working.  But "working" and being more Vegas than Wayne Newton with your Tony Bennett songbook and music to make grandma's panties moist is just, well.......not rock n' roll.  As far as I'm concerned Rod lost the plot when he made records with a disco beat ("Dya Think I'm Sexy" anyone?  No takers?  Didn't think so....) and was long exposed prior as an egotistical bastard when he fronted The Faces AND had a solo career simultaneously.  To me The Faces lost their heart, soul and engine when Ronnie Lane said "See ya" and *ucked off to Scotland to invent Dexy's Midnight Runner's "Too Rye Aye" phase.  Like any band that loses their original members (The Who, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, The Pink Floyd etc) things just aren't the same.  Even more so when you're missing the guy who sang 99% of their songs.  With that in mind it was heavy heart I have to give a big thumbs down to this "Faces reunion".  But despite my cynicism there are some things you can't deny and in their day The Faces were an amazing breath of musical air and 40 years on they're still something else.  Just listen to and dig the lyrics to "Three Button Hand Me Down" from their debut LP (called "First Step" here in the States) which to me is about as "mod" as The Coaster's "Shopping For Clothes" or David Bowie's "London Boys" or any half baked ex-punk rock '79 mod teenage anthem........

I don’t need no one’s opinion
On the matter concerning my dress.
I was raised in a clinic down in Oklahoma,
There were many things I did not possess.
I never complained, because my father said,
"son you’ll get your chance before you’re my age".
Then he took me upstairs and gave me this suit
Grinnin' all over his face

He said, "others may come and others may go,
But that suit will be around wherever you’re goin’"
Three button hand me down
Three button hand me down

I had my fair share of  these women,
But they came between me and my suit.
That was a filly from Boston, a barmaid from Houston,
Not forgetting the one in Detroit.
They said, "we like you boy and we think you’re sweet,
But can’t you lose your suit? "
I said, "no, you can’t do that to me"
I remember what my father said:

He said, "others may come and others may go,
But that suit will be around wherever you’re goin’"
Three button hand me down, ha ha,
Three button hand me down

I’ve never been a tidy dresser
And the fold in my trousers it ain’t straight.
Still I know a good cloth when I see one.
That’s why I’m clad in this gray flannel suit.
Sometimes I wonder if I should visit a tailor
And get myself a smoother fit.
Then I remember what my father said to me.
I’ll make you from the open road

He said, "others may come and others may go,
But that suit will be around wherever you go"
Three button hand me down,
Three button hand me down

The Faces giving it some on the BBC 1971 doing "Three Button Hand Me Down":


Tom said...

So you're not looking forward to hearing a Hammon rumble through "Holding Back The Years?" :P

Mondo said...

Sloppy seconds!I can't think of a worse combo. Rod is one rock's greatest frontman ever! Mick Hucknall isn't. Regardless of what Rod became I'll forgive him everything for his Faces and early solo legacy

It's like getting Sting to front the Pistols, Annie Lennox to front The Supremes, David Coverdale to front the Led Zep, Bono to front The Clash *goes on like this for several hours*

PS Three Button has the same bass line as An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down. Both are based on Some Kind of Wonderful