Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anorak Thing Hall of Fame II: Visual Cooolness-Here Come The Girls

Lest we be accused of being male chauvinist pigs or homosexuals (we're neither) here are some ladies who we think epitomize stylish cool:

Terri Garr

Marianne Faithful: If this pic isn't the most
effective heroin deterrant I don't know what is.

Julie Driscoll aka Jools Discool

Jean Seberg: we can't have Jools without Jean!

Soledad Miranda é quente!

Joan Baez: Proto hippie/folkie chic

Cilla Black

Lt. Gay Ellis (aka Gabrielle Drake, Nick's sis)

Romy Schneider

The late Tammi Terrell

Hildegard Knef-Teutonic Queen of Uber-Hip

Olivia Newton-John: pre-MOR sap

Caty Rosier

Dame Diana Rigg: if you don't think she's
hot you're one weak sister!

Charlotte Rampling complete with roll neck sweater,
a cardy AND a mod bullseye.

Julie Christie

Barbara Bouchet

Francoise Hardy


diskojoe said...

I like your blog & this post very much, but jeez, why don't you dump Joan Baez & stick in Francoise Hardy, especially since 1. She's better looking & 2. You have her husband in the first list.

wilthomer said...

You know I'd forgotten all about Francoise. I'd better add her right quick!

diskojoe said...

As the Scaffold once said, "Thank U Very Much" for adding Francoise & a rather gincy picture of her to boot.

wilthomer said...

We aim to please, it was hard choosing a francoise pic. I might just post a whole slew of them next. Comments bearing Scaffold references are always welcome!

Funky16Corners said...

Romy Schneider! Grrrowwwllll!!

Luis said...

Great list, my men, but you forgot Vanessa Redgrave.
(But any list with Gabrielle Drake and Dame Di Rigg is perfect)