Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anorak Thing Hall of Fame: Visual Coolness

Inspired by a groovy little blog I've come across that unlike mine goes one beyond music with a bit of fashion, books, films AND some randy T&A :

I've decided we need a gratuitous bit fashion:

Gallic king of cool: Jacques Dutronc
"Qui êtes vous pour me dire de ne pas s'asseoir sur le puits de lumière?"

Scott Walker: Cool enough to stick your head
in the oven to his music by.....

Booker T. Jones: a white mac and wide whale cords.
It doesn't get much smarter.....

Alain Delon in "Le Samourai"

 The Faces of Small: suede and patterns never looked
so good!

 Michael Caine IS jack Carter:
Gangster Chic

David Bowie and the ultimate backcomb.
Many dared, few succeeded.

Georgie Fame: cool Britannia

As a kid I thought Paul Foster and Ed Straker were
some cool looking mother f*ckers.  Even then I had a
sense of style.

J.W.L.: Before Yoko *ucked him up

Pete Townshend: Famous for making big
honkers fashionable.

Roger Moore: The Templar of Suave

Brian Jones: Very smart but a complete bastard if you were
the mother of his children

Rod "The Mod" Stewart

Cat Stevens: before the beard and weird

Sir Paul Macca

Eric Clapton: before the perms he had a proper do.

Lawrence Harvey

'Allo allo: A.L.O. (Andrew Loog Oldham)

Terrence Stamp

James Fox

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