Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion Tip On The Q.T.

I don't usually share fashion finds online.  There are three things a modernist should never share: where they find their records, where they get their clothes tailored and where they find their clothes.  I'll make an exception on the latter.

This just in:

Stumbled upon a cool website, expensive gear but VERY smart looking:

They've got some wonderful looking button up shirts (long and short sleeved).


Anonymous said...

Hi Wilthomer,

Thanks for the kind comments and another good laugh over Dickie Wonder. I just posted an early picture of Julie Driscoll from 1964 which you may have seen, but I'll leave it up for today until you have a chance to take a look. (Not sure where I found it so I don't want to risk offending the original source.) Marie

wilthomer said...

Thanks actually I saw it!

EXPO67 said...

Very true comment - I very rarely let anyone know where I obtain my choice records.

As for clothes. I can't be bothered to be a 'dedicated follower of fashion' anymore. I just stick to being slim, wear black Levi jeans, lambswool sweaters and original Clarks desert boots.