Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Parka Power!

You can say what you like about U.S. Army/Air Force parkas, they are undeniably immersed in mod culture.  Whether you still wear one as a tribal rite, or to ward off the cold or just because it's "mod" or because, well you've always worn one OR you don't wear one because you think they're for "kids" or they're shabby or make you look like a revivalist "moddy boy" I think we can all agree they have their place in mod lore.  Here's a peek at some parkas.... 

Original mods Portobello Market, 1964 by Phillip Townsend

The most famous parka of all: The Who's
1973 "Quadrophenia" LP sleeve.

Mod at The Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ 1994

Mod at Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ 2003

Mods outside The Dive, NYC, NY 1985

A confused U.K. mod who's sewn a US
Navy patch on his sleeve, 1964

The U.S. M-1965 parka w/ itchy/
ugly synthetic hood

The REAL deal, the M-1951 parka with fox fur hood.

Photo from the "Quadrophenia" LP picture booklet.

U.K. 60's mods, Easter 1966 pic c/o Don Hughes "Friday On My Mind"
book, borrowed from "Photos from Original Modernists 1959-1966"!/group.php?gid=128414570531663

Ageing mods in (l t r) a Ben Sherman parka, an M-1951 and an
M-1965 parka.

A VERY scary parka from a site that
specializes in "retro gear" (snigger).

And that £25 also comes with a free ass kicking
because you're a complete tw*t!

My parka of choice in the 80's: a West German army job.

Also served me well for a bit in the late 90's...a Swedish army parka


Tom said...

The very brief period where I thought myself a Mod (Oh let's not go there) saw me in a surplus Nato parka. I remember it as the best winter coat I have ever had. It was so warm and the best bit-so big I made a nice blanket for me and my girl to curl up in on my best friends apartment floor.

Carlos said...

Oh my god, Bill... so I was walking home yesterday and thinking about clothes and blogs. I got it in my head to someday try putting out a blog on 'mod' style for older guys or mod dudes in general... basically, based on my own biased view.

One of the subjects I thought I'd tackle was the parka, and today, I catch up on your blog and this post!

I was going to put myself in the camp of 'they're shabby', but your post brings up a very good perspective on why it's okay for guys to still wear them... especially on the East Coast or in colder environments.

But more importantly, can I still get a copy of this Don Hughes

-Carlos P