Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Is Here!

Autumn, my dear friends, is FINALLY upon us here in Lower Binfield, Flatland.  That means it's sweater weather at last.  Last night I was able to wear my brand new Ben Sherman sweater to the pub (see above) as it dipped into the 40's beneath my black leather Banana Republic leather coat.  Today on the way home I've decided that finances will allow the purchase of a similar Ben Sherman sweater in brown from Lord & Taylor who have them on sale for 25% off and hopefully will allow use of the 25% everything coupon to take it down a whopping 50% (which means $25, which also means I will have to avoid going out to lunch for the next week).  Bring on the cold so I can unleash my arsenal of sweaters, patterned wool trousers and my favorite brown leather coat!

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Mondo said...

This is my fave's - the lyrics seem more appropriate than ever today