Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have J Crew Lost Their *u%#i+g Minds?!?!

I just had a peek at the new J Crew catalog that my wife left laying around and on one extended trip to the bathroom (sorry needed to clarify why I'd be reading their catalog) I leafed through it.  Normally I don't pay attention to catalogs.  I was amazed at some things in it. First off, I am quite enamoured with J Crew's new (online only mind, not available in stores I've discovered) Vintage cords in slimfit (in a bevy of nice Autumn colors too, I shall have to buy a pair or two).  BUT have they lost their minds?!  $135 for a pair of Desert boots (not even Clark's) , $175 for a "military style" Timex watch? $175 for Levi 501's?  And the biggest crime of all: $325 for a Harrington!  Sure they come in four cool colors (khaki, tomato, navy and green) and I'm sure they're heavier than those dodgy ones I bought at 99X in the early 90's but jeebus that's steep!  I'd happily buy all four if they were to "fall off a truck".  Crikey.  I got a brown suede coat for less than that from Banana Republic!

"Sell me a coat that's red or gold, sell me a coat with little patch pockets, sell me a coat cos I feel cold"

-David Bowie "Sell Me A Coat" 1967


revjgoode said...

Ah but it's not just any Harrington,
it's the Harrington.

Baracuta - Manchester's finest.

Having said that if you look at their website they're doing some pretty dodgy numbers at the moment.

A quilted Harrington anyone?!

mlp said...

barracuta G9s are not cheap. jcrew does have a bit of a markup on that though.

DM said...

No, that's the correct price for the original Baracuta jacket. I own one, and all the normal J. Crew discounts apply to even third party merchandise. Picked it up for 249. Don't complain, J. Crew doesn't mark up more than they have to. Otherwise, what's the point of hosting 3rd party merchandise on their own store?