Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Aging Modernists Britac Shirt Experience

I've long drooled over the groovy patterned shirts and cornucopia of colors offered by the Britac website (all with matching pocket hankies too).  For some reason I never got around to buying a shirt from them, probably due to my fear of ordering clothes that I can't try on first.  Anyway I decided I'd have a go and gave my wife three choices for an Xmas gift idea (indicating the illustrated article above as my first choice).  A few acquaintances had them and all advised me that they ran a big small but were similar to Be Sherman's.  XL is a bit big in the neck for me in a Ben so I went with that for my Xmas gift Britac choice.

After eons it arrived (half due to that massive holiday storm that engulfed Europe and probably got it lost and/or snatched and half due to total ineptitude by the USPS who had it in limbo in between several local post offices for well over a week).  And so I got the phone call from my wife that the shirt finally arrived.  I got home and opened it, could anything that was waited on for well over two months be that good?  The color/pattern was as mindblowingly brilliant as I'd expected it to be, matching hanky too! BUT, what struck me immediately was how thin it was.  Incredibly thin, nearly transparent, like those Ben Sherman's I finally gave the ghost on after 20+ years of wash and wear.  How would this hold up after a few washings?!  I was peeved that my wife had spent well over $75 on this flimsy little rag trade thing that recalled those horrible shirts from Melandi on Carnaby Street back in the early/mid 80's. What next struck me was that yes, it was a bit tight, but shame on me for wanting something I couldn't try on first.  My next gripe was that the button holes were so tight I could barely get the buttons through and once it'd been unbuttoned again they already looked worn (and stayed that way after a delicate washing on "cold") giving the appearance of some old/vintage 60's shirts I owned in younger years.  Needless to say I will never ask my wife for another Britac shirt.  They can post adverts on all the cool sites they want and have all the wonderful colors and all but for that sort of money, well I'd like something a little more hefty for my buck (or hers).


Rediffusion said...

Thanks for the warning. I was tempted to buy one but I'll give it a miss.

wilthomer said...

I'm going to post a pic tonight back lit so folks can have an idea of how sheer this thing is.

GO-Set said...

Mannagia miseria! I'm stickign with Claudio!!