Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Episode Six Live

For Smashingbird:
The Episode Six at the height of their Flower Power phase live in 1967 on German TV's "Beat Beat Beat" performing their interpretation of the Tim Rose classic "Morning Dew" and The Token's "I Hear Trumpets Blow".  The young shirtless man in the vest wearing a keffiyeh band (no doubt picked up during the band's several month residency in Beirut) as a head band is Ian Gillian (future Deep Purple member) and his future band mate Roger Glover is the bearded cat with shades on the bass.

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Smashingbird said...

Wooop, I love it, esp. Morning Dew. and playing The Smoke's drumkit no less! Cheers me dears! (ps did you see Ian's lovely loafers in the second vid?)