Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A bit off color and off target (two bad puns in one entry, my apologies) today's entry is neither music nor fashion nor pop culture.  It's air force roundels. I was inspired by my fellow scribe over at Parka Avenue wrote a brief bit on the bulls eye "R.A.F." (that's "Royal Air Force") roundel and how it worked it's way into the mod scene.  As a life long military aviation enthusiast I have always been aware of the multitude of multi colored roundels worn as recognition markings by many countries of the world.  In fact briefly (in the 80's to go against the grain) I had a United States Army Air Corps roundel painted on the back of my parka. I eventually painted it over with The Times London Underground "This Is London" logo instead!  So today I got to thinking how many countries in the world used roundels on the military aircraft and here's what I came up with off the top of my head, I'm sure there are loads more:

Australian Air Force

Belgian Air Force

Danish Air Force

Egyptian Air Force

Finnish Air Force

French Air Force

Greek Air Force

Indian Air Force

Italian Air Force

Pakistani Air Force

Bulgarian Air Force

Romanian Air Force

Spanish Air Force

Turkish Air Force

Royal Air Force

Afghan Air Force

Bangladeshi Air Force

Iranian Air Force

Jordanian Air Force

Serbian Air Force

Syrian Air Force

United Arab Emirates Air Force

Ukrainian Air Force


EXPO67 said...

You came up with this list 'off the top of your head'....wow you must be some kind of expert?
The iconic British R.A.F. one is still the coolest.

wilthomer said...

I think "nerd" is probably more to the point, but I settle for "expert"....but in all fairness I've been into this stuff longer than 60's music so that gives me a good 35 years or more......

mndandy said...

When I was a kid my dad had 12" metal repros of several iconic roundels hanging on his dining room wall. They were beautiful high quality pieces. Super mod! I remember he gave me an LP sized b&w Iron Cross, which I only associated with the Hell's Angels so I thought was totes rad. Even took it to show & tell in 1st grade! Wonder what became of all that stuff?