Monday, August 29, 2011

Before color everything in the 60's and even 70's was in black and white......

A gratuitous excuse to share some groovy black and white snaps of the beautiful people in the 60's and 70's...

Don Powell from Slade in 1969, all boots no bovver! But very convincing looking.

This is Hildegard Knef, a groovy fraulein who had a tough life but didn't let that stop her from being entertaining!

Gratuitous eye candy, any excuse to share the beauty that is Diana Rigg.

Jane Birkin with hubby John Barry, the REAL "Alfie", he had a separate apartment for "late night's at the recording studio". She left him when she discovered he was shagging the au pair. True story, he copped to it in "Mojo".
David Bowie in Tony Visconti's flat late 1967.  His debut LP tanked and he's got no record contract but he still looks cool as *uck, a true Bohemian!

"Look luv you want to watch those Dartford boys they're all a bunch of ponces"
Michael Caine with then girlfriend Bianca Pérez Morena de Macias before she hooked up with an L.S.E. drop out.
Presumably Rita was telling George Melly that although he was a talented writer sometimes he came off as a gasbag and that The Move called and wanted their suit back.

I've always loved this pic of Marianne:The Mini, the pretty smile and the skirt, which I'd like to think had basement A/C.

Maurice Micklewhite's guest spot on the failed 1964 reality TV show "Life With The Lennons"

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