Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cuff Links

I love cufflinks, I don't get to wear them often enough though because I don't own a great deal of French cuffed shirts but here are some of my faves:

TOP ROW (l to r): mandatory enamel bulls eye cuff links , vintage (60's or 70's) Danish cuff links with amber setting in polished steel, checkered "ska" cuff links, sterling silver Union Jack by Ben Sherman.

MIDDLE ROW:(l to r): art deco red and blue glass in sterling silver, rampant lion Ben Sherman, 60's or 70's fake red plastic gems in fake gold cuff links c/o an ex-girlfriend (I believe they were her grandfathers).

BOTTOM ROW (l to r): my grandad's gold cuff links from the 50's (came with matching tie clasp), sterling silver with diamond set in onyx also c/o grandad 50's or 60's, op art arrows cuff links c/o my friend Dave Woj for Xmas MANY years ago (came with matching tie clasp).

1 comment:

Supermod said...

Bill, those Danish cufflinks are my favorite! I've seen your other photo with them and they just kill it. Also really into the plastic gem ones and the bottom sterling silver ones.

Personally, I like my cufflinks large, loud and a little gaudy!