Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Hollies-Clarke, Hicks & Nash Years

The BIG news here in the Anorak Thing camp is the 6 CD Hollies box set that's available from for a shocking £11.99 (that's roughly $23.00 including air mail to the U.S.)!!  "The Hollies: Clarke Hicks & Nash Years" collects every single recording the band made from April 1963 to October 1968, that's a stellar 158 tunes in all.  You get all of the 45/EP and LP tracks plus alternate mixes, foreign language versions plus and entire live  1968 gig.  Not a bad score at all!


Smashingbird said...

Bargain indeed!

Spike Priggen said...

You can also get it through US amazon

$27.68 & eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime (and I do have Amazon Prime).

Thanks for the tip.

Spike Priggen said...

You don't even have to go to -

$27.68 & eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime (!)