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Mike D'Abo Covers:Farlowe On Immediate

CHRIS FARLOWE-Handbags And Gladrags/Everyone Makes A Mistake U.S. Immediate Z57 5005 1968

This was Chris Farlowe's eighth U.K. single on Immediate and like some of his others garnered a U.S. release there on Immediate as well (oddly his U.K. smash version of 'Out Of time" came out here in the States on MGM).  I haven't been able to ascertain exactly how many U.S. singles he had on Immediate, but they all came in this groovy stock company sleeve bearing the label's trademark "Happy to be a part of the industry of human happiness".

"Hangbags And Gladrags" was penned by then Manfred Mann (and former Band of Angels) lead singer Mike D'Abo. Farlowe's version was the first coming out in November 1967, a whole month before the Double Feature's version on Deram which you can read about here:

Farlowe's version of this coming of age standard has some typically stellar Immediate arrangement/orchestration and was actually produced by Mike D'Abo.  From it's bluesy piano and harmonica laced introduction it eventually bursts forth with some sweeping strings after some jazzy guitar and though I previously called this version "warbly" in the vocals department, I digress it's nothing but amazing! Kudos on D'Abo for a top notch job at the controls. "Everyone Makes A Mistake" is classic soulful Chris Farlowe, a great groove with some cool bongo drums and soulful vocals with nifty, gritty guitars licks springing forth. It could easily be mistaken for one of his pre-Immediate late Columbia r&b era 45 sides!

Both sides were released on "Out Of Time: The Immediate Anthology", while "Handbags" is pretty much guaranteed to be on any of the 200 Farlowe Immediate CD comps you're likely to find on Amazon. "Everyone Makes A Mistake" was compiled on the 2 CD "The Immediate Mod Box Set"

Hear "Hangbags And Gladrags":

Hear "Everyone Makes A Mistake" (and view a slide show of old scooterists):

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