Friday, August 12, 2011

The Old Days

I've got a friend, who I became reunited with through the magic of FaceBook (or as a friend of Monkey's referred to it today as "FuckedupBook") who drew this back in the (literally) early days of 1985 after our first mutually delightful meeting at a mod night held at Danceteria in NYC on 12/30/84.  Since she'll kill me I won't mention her name but here's a true artist's rendering of  Mr. Anorak Thing and his skinhead girl chum circa 1984:


C said...

What a perfect little glimpse into your past, Mr Anorak Thing! And beautifully rendered too. So much attention to detail. Love it.

EXPO67 said...

I can see she's wearing Monkey Boots. I spent about 10 years of my kife wearing nothing but this type of footwear.

Those days only Army Surplus Stores stocked them. I'm sure they were made in Czechoslovakia.

Supermod said...

This is AWESOME and should totally be your profile pic!

Not only is it very well-drawn, but it reminds me of those early days of notebook arrows, Madness logos (done wrong by me), Who logos (done right), and mod doodles.

Monkey said...

Great. Love of-its-time stuff like this.