Monday, August 15, 2011

Primitive London!

Inspired by the gal over at the cool Hip Teens blog and her posting on the film :

I've dug up some clips from the film "Primitive London"(including a repeat of a previous posting of the groovy clip of The Zephyrs miming at The Scene which Claudia Elliot so thankfully shared):

Yikes! Turn down the jacket and trousers son they're too bright....


Supermod said...

This is awesome! I can't believe the clarity of these videos.

I love the first guy's hat by the way. Now excuse me while I tolerate my wife as an accessory.

I wish I had this clip when I was starting the blog… I was trying to find an image of the original Mod Male logo but had no luck. I'll keep this on tap for a redesign later.

Supermod said...

Oh my god, Bill, I was just showing this clip to Irene and she noticed something about the fedora the young guy's wearing. Based on the metal 'fastener' on the hat band, we believe it's a Goorin Brothers hat! They're based in San Francisco, since 1895. Currently, they have these similar styles of hats! In fact, I've got two from them.

I'll need to confirm with Nick Rossi on this... he's good with these things.