Thursday, September 1, 2011

Graham Nash Pardoned After 43 Years

After leaving the Hollies 43 years ago Graham Nash was pardoned by this blog for leaving the band to become a full time California hippie and join Crosby, Stills and also Young. In retrospect I think I'd have become a bearded denim clad hippie if I had to wear a white tux with a bow tie and play chicken in a basket gigs too. Remember kids there is no such thing as "variety" in the variety show circuit!

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diskojoe said...

Hey, those suits have three buttons, not 2! ;-)

I think "Listen to Me" is the last Hollies single w/Graham Nash, which is probably a good way to go out in style.

Reelin' In the Years will be coming out w/a Hollies DVD next month, which I already pre-ordered.