Friday, September 16, 2011

Hildegard Knef

Hildegard Knef would've been just another boring Euro chanteuse had not the great folks at Marina records not turned me onto these two groovy English language tracks on their amazing "In Kraut" CD compilations!

Hildegard Knef was, so I'm surmising, sort of (West) Germany's answer to  Barbara Streisand or Connie Francis, not always hip, but fortunately unlike Babs she made a few cool records as you'll hear below. She also survived World War Two after alleged internment and first starred in a few films (she was quite stunning in her yoyounger years) before going on to become Germany's most famous post war chanson. 

I've long found it ironic and eerie that in "Holiday Time" she almost prophetically sings about the Munich Olympics massacre when she drawls about police accidentally shooting hostages in a bank robbery and in the next line sings that the Olympics was coming to Munich (where inept police sharpshooters would accidentally riddle Israeli athletes, hostages of the P.L.O, with bullets on a runway at Furstenfeldbruck).

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diskojoe said...

Great post & now I have learned from you. Both of those songs have that "Is That All There Is" (do you remember the version done by Cristina?)vibe, w/a little of "Sign o' The Times" in the "Holiday Song".

I remember watching the Munich Olympics tragedy live on the telly as a 10-yr. old as Jim McKay of ABC Sports reported it live. A very sad event.