Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's all about accessorizing...

One of the amusing things about being clothes crazy is the knack for altering or accessorizing store bought clothing to make it your "own".

Last year I scored a Calvin Klein pea coat at a bulk buy store called BJ's.  I liked it because in addition to being very inexpensive it had epaulets, a nice stark line across the upper chest like a Donkey jacket and strips of material that buttoned at the cuffs (IS there an actual name for that fashion friends?).  My only problem was I was not too happy wearing a coat that said "Calvin Klein" on the buttons.  So I set about looking for new buttons.  I'd never replaced buttons on a coat before, only a suit so it became sort of an adventure.  It took me a bit to get the button sizing down . I'd ordered some cool bronze buttons that had this rustic wheat sheaf /blazing sun motif look to them, all very "Wicker Man" looking but , d'oh! They were too small.  I then thought a Swedish coat of arms (three crowns) would look cool but I could only find them in gold, which I thought would clash with a black jacket as I'd set my mind on silver or bronze, not gold.  I then discovered through an online forum on vintage buttons (luckily before ordering again) that if you buy  buttons for a coat they must be thick enough to clear the heavier material when buttoning (that scotched any ideas on utilizing some fancy blazer buttons).  Eventually I stumbled upon a site that catered to Revolutionary War reenactors and found these wonderful British army reproduction pewter buttons that were both the right thickness and the right circumference. With help of my favorite seamstress/mother in law I soon had the buttons switched out in time for the cold snap that fell upon "pint with the boys" night!

Pewter repro 18th Century British army button

Finished product (with obligatory pint)


Jeff Hardy said...

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C said...

Oh I LOVE that pea coat (I have a sort of fetish for outerwear, especially jackets... never been a shoes-and-handbags kinda woman but jackets... oh, jackets...)
The idea of changing the buttons for something so different/original is brilliant. Great stuff.

Monkey said...

That's a nasty spot on yer face.