Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rebel Rock in Asbury Park

I spent this past weekend down in Asbury Park, New Jersey, my seaside "Brighton" as a teen.  The town's been through some rough patches but it's on it's way back, though I hardly recognize some of the place as the Asbury Park of my youth has been torn down in a lot of spots.  I was. however, pleasantly surprised to find this Paul Simonon mural near the remains of the old carousel house on the boardwalk, in fact we had to literally wait to photograph it as people were politely queing up to do so!  It's kind of ironic to find it here as The Clash played a gig at the other end of the boardwalk in 1982 at Convention Hall before they became rock stars here and began playing stadums!  My old friend Mick London tells me it's the handiwork of an artist named Shepard Fairey who came to town in September to adorn the city with other pieces.

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C said...

Wow, that is really something. A great piece of art. We could do with redecorating the walls in this house some time - now you've gone and given me an idea... :-)