Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The London Weekend show 1979

Cheers to John Manion for digging this up:


Blue Shed Thinking said...

Quite a few old London legends make appearances in that show - some more fleeting than others.

C said...

Oh, that's quite a find! I feel sure I would have seen it at the time but I don't recall it. There was quite a thriving mod/punk cross-over scene going on locally then, though. When Janet Street-Porter says, "... what there is about the original craze that makes it so attractive to young people 15 years later..." doesn't that make you feel just SO old?! Only 15 years! 15 years doesn't seem that long ago to me at all now :-(

diskojoe said...

Seeing Roy Carr reminded me of the Monty Python Toupee Department sketch.