Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fancy a swim?

Cotchford Farm, one time home of author A.A. Milne and more famously, the last home of the late Dandy in the Underworld himself Brian Jones is up for grabs.

For a cool $3.22 million the Sussex, England 9.5 acre estate can be yours, the pool, the sundial, the Christopher Robin statue (seen getting a kicking above), the living room where Mick, Keith and Charlie said (in the words of Keith in "25 X 5") "Hey cock you're fired" and the groovy wooden dining room complete with original beam that is alleged to have almost flattened Brian's belle du mois, Anna Wholin (seen below making a hasty exit from Cotchford on July 4, 1969) due to faulty workmanship of the builders he hired to repair the place. You can see pics of all of these and more in the link below.

Interestingly I wonder what sort of person would buy a house like this.  I know I would but how many 60's Rolling Stones/Brian Jones fans have 3 mil and change laying around?  I do recall that during the filming of the Brian Jones biopic "Stoned" Cotchford Farm was to be utilized until the owners at the time (possibly the sellers now?) decided they wanted more dough for the use of their facilities necessitating the producers to recreate Cotchford elsewhere.  Also back in the late 90's some crass individual was selling pieces of the original pool tile in which Brian took his final dip on E-Bay, no idea how many takers there were on that.  I've got a friend who has a brick from the original Stax studio and I've got a pebble from Brighton beach trod on by original 60's mods and rockers but that's a bit too morbid/odd if you ask me.

MICK:"Should we tell him now?"
KEITH: "Nah, lets waitabit ya know wot I meahn? So, wotcha think a th boots maaan?"


diskojoe said...

I also have a brick from the Stax studios that I got from Shangri-La Records at a Memphis trip back in the 90s. I actually got two, which made my backpack rather heavy on the trip back.

Monkey said...

I'd buy it but I've just splashed all my savings on an old guitar.

Wilthomer said...

I knew you were posh Monkey!