Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ben Sherman: Who's Smoking Crack?

Out of curiosity I decided to peek at Ben Sherman's U.S. website before deleting one of their annoying weekly e-mails .

$159 for one of their shirts?  Are the people at Ben Sherman USA smoking this:

Here's their short sleeved Gingham check shirt (with no buttons on the collar) for $129:

Here's the long sleeved, button down collar Gingham check shirt I bought at Target for $12.99:

The long sleeved ones run as high as $159.  For $159 I can get a bespoke shirt, shit I can get three if I'm willing to be a little forgiving for some bagginess!  What are they driving at?  How the hell does this company stay afloat, seriously?! As always, a big "FUCK YOU" to Ben Sherman, and in particular, Ben Sherman USA!


A Dandy in Aspic said...

I've heard somewhere recently that their Carnaby Street store has been losing money for years..

DoctorBastardo said...

Hello Dandy last saw you dancing to Barbera Dane in 2002 at Margate NUTS ... mind its now 5 years after this blog was posted but here goes.
Buy only vintage Bennies.... They last forever,the 60s ones are as good now as they where then, the oxford cloth used was such good quality. The 63 and 64 had larger collars and cufflink holes,as well as buttons. The label is sewn in inverted and can be used as an alternative hook to the one on the back. Labels should be black with embroidered gold. BS themselves via the Merc outlet started copying this label style in the noughties with slightly differing wording. One says "An Original Ben Sherman" or By Ben.. the other says "The Original Ben Sherman" cant remember which is which though as I retired from vintage clothes dealing in 2013 and sold my stock to the the Immediate Twins in Brighton... Not sure now but the family that owned The Merc also owned the rights to Ben Sherman, Fred Perry and Londsdale. All acquired for little during the 80s. They make their own and license the names out.