Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ben Sherman: Who's Smoking Crack?

Out of curiosity I decided to peek at Ben Sherman's U.S. website before deleting one of their annoying weekly e-mails .

$159 for one of their shirts?  Are the people at Ben Sherman USA smoking this:

Here's their short sleeved Gingham check shirt (with no buttons on the collar) for $129:

Here's the long sleeved, button down collar Gingham check shirt I bought at Target for $12.99:

The long sleeved ones run as high as $159.  For $159 I can get a bespoke shirt, shit I can get three if I'm willing to be a little forgiving for some bagginess!  What are they driving at?  How the hell does this company stay afloat, seriously?! As always, a big "FUCK YOU" to Ben Sherman, and in particular, Ben Sherman USA!

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A Dandy in Aspic said...

I've heard somewhere recently that their Carnaby Street store has been losing money for years..