Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mickey Dolenz shills for the Greatest Hits of The 60's

I had not seen this commercial since the early 1970's as a kid with Mickey Dolenz promoting a dubious 4 record set of #1 hits of the 60's (when I'd no idea who  the Monkees were, I did recognize Mickey as being the sidekick of Snake, the thug/villain on the TV cop series "Adam 12"). To my utter amazement it was up on YouTube! Enjoy!


C said...

That's quite a find! Peter Tork was always my fave, though ;-)

diskojoe said...

Well, I guess Micky had to finance those get-togethers he had w/Harry Niillson & Moonie

Here's another commercial of the 1970-era Monkees playing around with Nerf balls, which were once made in my home town: