Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: Good Riddance

Ah 2015 you were a cruel mistress...............

The Ten Best of 2015: 

1. "Detroit '67"


3. "Lambert & Stamp"

4.  The BBC's "Psychedelia Britannia"

5. Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames-"The Whole World's Shaking" Box set

6. The Zombies "Oddysey & Oracle" live

7. The Jam "About the Young Idea" documentary

8. Jeff Cuyubamba's "Shake Some Action!"

9. For The Benefit of Mister Boardman

10. The "1966" CD (and probably the book too though I haven't read it yet...).

The Ten Worst of 2015:

1. The passing of Dan Boardman

2. The Paris attacks.

3. All the candidates in the U.S. presidential election.

4. Bill Cosby is still a free man.

5. Yet another Small Faces (Decca) box set with 99.5% of the shit we've bought 100 times.

6. The passing of John Bradbury of The Specials.

7. Rod Stewart reuniting The Faces and telling "Uncut" that Mac was the one holding the reunions back.  May Rod wake up tomorrow mute for the rest of his pathetic life....

8. Anything the Fay Hallam Trinity released.

9. "The Midnight of My Life", all ten fucking minutes of it....

10. The Who farewell tour.....

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