Friday, April 15, 2016

F*ck Record Store Day

Record Store Day. It sounds like a really great concept right? And it was. But only for a short while back before you could buy LP's at Target or Barnes & Noble.  Call me a jackass but EVERY DAY is record store day for me (just ask my postman). As one person aptly put it on Instagram "record store day is just an excuse to take a 5 bob Small Faces 45 and sell it for 15 in a new sleeve with a sticker". Record Store Day is to a vinyl nut what St. Patrick's Day and NYE are to a drinker, amateur day. Let's wait in line to get into our favorite shop so we can pay $35 for a special edition Beastie Boys album or a few hundred dollars for a Small Faces box set of all of their French E.P.'s....get the fuck out of my way I  just want to troll through the 45 boxes and I got all the Small Faces French E.P.'s by crate digging, net surfing and out bidding some other desperate fucker on E-bay not waiting in line for them on a special day....

Record Store Day is great for the little guy as it drums up business.  Sadly 75% of the shops I go to are dead quiet most of the time. So I'm happy that it brings in coinage for them.   I'd honestly do a lot more record shopping if there were more record shops in my area.  The majority of my records come from online because chances are my local shop isn't stocking a Jackie Mittoo 45 on Coxsone or a French Chris Farlowe E.P. or a John Schroeder Orchestra LP.  But sometimes they do.  Sometimes your favorite shop gets a storage container full of reggae records (fairy tales can come true it can happen to you, it did for me). And don't get me wrong, I'm not against shops selling stuff for record day because let's face it my occasional visits to a shop is not going to pay the bills but 100 yahoos lined up on April 16th will. Nonetheless you will find no bigger supporter of your local record shop than me. I'm all about the little guy (or gal) because there's always that glimmer of hope I'm gonna find that Portuguese Tony Jackson E.P. in a box full of crappy Italian 70's 45's or a $200 Northern Soul 45 for $3.00 . Record Store Day, now that's an entirely different kettle of fish.

Well apparently the Record Store Day la cosa nostra (ahem... the major labels) don't like when the little guy (or gal) decides they don't want to get on the bandwagon and stock 25 copies of the new Metallica limited edition or a single shaped like Prince's dick or make a big deal about it.  Just read this enlightening little piece about one "little guys" struggle with the R.S.D clan here.

So the next time you're planning on going crate digging at a shop you've never been to or deciding to check the new arrivals bin at your local record store remember, mark your calendars because Saturday April 16th is the day to hold off on doing any of these while the herd lines up to buy whatever overpriced items are being exhumed or tarted up for your hard earned money to keep our pals afloat. On April 16th lock yourself in wherever your turntable is, crack a beverage or pour cup of your favorite hot steamy liquid and tell everyone to leave you alone and spend an hour playing your top ten favorite black plastic discs.  You owe it to yourself and the artists who took the time to record them.

My Top 10 Record Store Day Spins:

1. DAVID BOWIE-"David Bowie" LP U.S Deram DES 1803 1967

2. OWEN GREY-"Shook Shimmy & Shake" 45 U.K. Island WI-252 1965

3. SMALL FACES-"Small Faces" LP U.K. Immediate IMLP 008 1967

4. THE DAGGERMEN-"Dagger In My Mind" LP U.K. Own Up DAG 001 1986

5. BILLY PRESTON-"Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying" 45 U.K. Sue WI 4012 1966

6. THE JAM-"Sound Affects" LP U.S. Polydor PD-1-6315 1980

7. EDDIE HARRIS-"Exodus" 45 U.S. Vee Jay VJ 378 1961

8. THE BEATLES-"We Can Work It Out" 45 U.K. Parlophone R 5389 1965

9. MARK MURPHY-"Why Don't You Do Right" 45 U.S. Riverside R 4519 1962

10. THE V.I.P's-"Straight Down To The Bottom" E.P. French Fontana 460.996 ME 1967


Monkey said...

Tremendous rage Bill. Spat my tea out to "a single shaped like Prince's dick"!

Bluesman said...

Well said. Also worth mentioning: certain (mighty fine) small record labels have trouble getting their own routine releases pressed because the conglomerate "record" companies overwhelm the pressing plants with said sticker-laden RSD releases. And that ain't fair!!!!!!

diskojoe said...

I agree w/you Bill with your stance on Record Store Day being as BS matter, especially when a chain like Newbury Comics up here in New England is considered "independent" for some reason, but I did enjoy going to my local yesterday since the did offer a 10% discount on used CDs & DVDs (I picked up Bowie's Low & the Scott Walker doc), as well as free donuts😀

naguiar2003 said...

Great comment, Bill. I totally agree.