Friday, February 10, 2017

Great Obscure U.K. 60's R&B Sides: The Habits

THE HABITS-Need You/ Elbow Baby France Decca 72.075S 1966

The Habits would have been just another obscure London r&b trio had there not been some "star" involvement in the form of Spencer Davis Group members Steve Windwood and Spencer Davis producing both sides (and both are audibly heard on backing vocals on both sides). Needless to say their Midas touch failed to register a hit and the 45 (released in the U.K, Germany and France) sank without a trace.

"Need You" is a frantic little mod '66 r&b stormer, with some catchy guitar/bass and a cool groove to it.  Sadly the vocals are not terribly strong and this tends to detract from the frenetic musical backing.

"Elbow Baby" is far superior.  From it's "live" party atmosphere with hand claps and shouts accented to some soulful backing vocals by Windwood and Davis the lackluster lead vocals aren't as noticeable making it far more enjoyable. It was first reissued way back in the 80's on the See For Miles LP comp "Sixties Lost And Found Volume III"

"Need You" was recently unearthed by Particles for their CD compilation "Beatfreak!" while "Elbow Baby" appears on Deram/Decca's "The Mod Scene".

Hear "Need You":

Hear "Elbow Baby":

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