Thursday, October 22, 2009

My "MOD" Top 200

I'm quite sure this will provoke an argument. Many years back I compiled a list of my fave "mod" 45's, "mod" being what I thought the original 60's U.K. mods listened to, songs from that time period and above all songs that I was dj-ing back then (2005) when I still used to spin. This was 100% influenced by "Uncut" magazine's special "MOD" issue that featured a reprint of the late Randy Cozen's "Mod Top 100" list I did not include any ska/Blue Beat or any British records as well, I was trying to originally just keep it at 100. As you can see that didn't happen! This is not to say that any of this would not be considered "mod". I'd easily rate Lord Kitchener's "Dr.Kitch" or The Westminster Five's "Shakin' The Blues" as equally "mod" as a Sue 45 release, but then this list would reach 500, and I'm sure no one wants to read my top 200 let alone...............

1. Bobby Bland-I Pity The Fool
2. Chris Kenner-Land Of A Thousand Dances
3. Ike & Tina Turner-Two Is A Couple
4. The Ikettes-Sally Go Round the Roses
5. Ike & Tina Turner-Chicken Shack
6. James Brown & His Famous Flames-Shout And Shimmy
7. Solomon Burke-Stupidity
8. Googie Rene Combo-Smokey Joes La La
9. Billy Preston-Billy’s Bag
10. Dave Baby Cortez-Getting To The Point
11. The Flamingos-I Only Have Eyes For You
12. The Revells-Midnight Stroll
13. The Dynamics-Misery
14. The Coasters-Shoppin For Clothes
15. Bo Diddley-Pills
16. Jimmy McCracklin-The Walk
17. Gene McDaniels-The Point Of No Return
18. Marv Johnson-You Got What It Takes
19. Rufus Thomas-The Dog
20. Bill Doggett-Honky Tonk Pts 1&2
21. Tommy Tucker-High Heel Sneakers
22. Inez Foxx-Hurt By Love
23. King Coleman-Do the Hully Gully
24. Jimmy Smith-Got My Mojo Working Pts 1&2
25. Jimmy Witherspoon-Moneys Getting Cheaper
26. Macy Skipper-Goofin Off
27. Little Walter-My Babe
28. The Isley Brothers-Your Old Lady
29. Mark Murphy-Why Don’t You Do Right
30. Derek Martin-Daddy Rolling Stone
31. The Triumphs-Burnt Biscuits
32. Mel Torme-Comin Home Baby
33. Mose Allison-The Seventh Son
34. The Phil Upchurch Combo-You Can’t Sit Down Pts. 1&2
35. Jimmy McGriff-Kiko
36. Mingus-Freedom
37. Kai Winding-Comin Home Baby
38. Shirley Scott-A Shot In The Dark
39. Kenny Burrell-Kenny’s Theme
40. Big John Patton-Fat Judy Pts 1&2
41. Little Ester Phillips-Mojo Hanna
42. The Caper Brothers-I Aint Gonna Write You
43. The Packers-Hole In The Wall
44. Jimmy Reed-Big Boss Man
45. BeverlyAnn Gibson-Three Dollar Bill
46. The Miracles-Shop Around
47. John Lee Hooker-No One Please Like You Do
48. Booker T. & The MGs-Be My Lady
49. J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels-Oo Ma Liddi
50. Richie Barrett-Some Other Guy
51. Koko Taylor-Wang Dang Doodle
52. Bill Blacks Combo-Little Queenie
53. Ike Turner & His Rhythm Kings-The New Breed Pts 1&2
54. The Soul Sisters-Loop De Loop
55. Mark Murphy-Senor Blues
56. Big Dee Erwin & Little Eva-Swingin On A Star
57. Ike & Tina Turner-Its Gonna Work Out Fine
58. Oscar Brown Jr.-But I Was Cool
59. The Impressions-Gypsy Woman
60. Bill & Will-Goin To The River
61. Billy Preston-I Am Comin Through
62. Timmy Shaw-Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
63. Jimmy McGriff-Discotheque
64. The Drifters-At The Club
65. Barrett Strong-Money (Thats What I Want)
66. Ray Charles-One Mint Julip
67. The Megatons-Shimmy Shimmy Walk
68. Arthur Alexander-You Better Move On
69. The Orlons-The Wah-Watusi
70. The High Keys-Que Sera Sera
71. Doris Troy-Whatch Gonna Do About It
72. Bo Diddley-Back To School
73. Jimmy Reed-Im That Man Down There
74. Mongo Santamaria-Yeh Yeh
75. The Isley Brothers-Whos That Lady?
76. Oliver Nelson-The Critics Choice
77. Jimmy Witherspoon-Some Of My Best Friends Are The Blues
78. Gene Allison-You Can Make It If You Try
79. Mickey Lee Laine-Hey Sah Lo Ney
80. Ray Charles-Lets Go Get Stoned
81. Tiny Topsy-Just A Little Bit
82. Brooks O’ Dell-You Better Make Up Your Mind
83. Mose Allison-Eyesight To The Blind
84. Don Covay-Take This Hurt Off Me
85. Tommy Tucker-Long Tall Shorty
86. Shirley Ellis-The Nitty Gritty
87. Betty Everett-Cant Hear You No More
88. Booker T & The MGs-Green Onions
89. Rufus Thomas-The World Is Round
90. Derek Martin-Dont Put Me Down Like This
91. The Vibrations-My Girl Sloopy
92. Nina Simone-Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood
93. Major Lance-The Monkey Time
94. Lee Dorsey-Can You Hear Me?
95. Solomon Burke-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
96. The Ikettes-Peaches And Cream
97. The Orlons-Shimmy Shimmy
98. Chico Hamilton-For Mods Only
99. Chuck Berry-Ramona Say Yes
100. Bobby “Blue” Bland-Aint That Loving You
101. The Kolettes-Whos That Guy
102. The Champs-Tequila
103. Sugar Pie Desanto-I Dont Wanna Fuss
104. Shirley Scott-Soul Shoutin
105. Ray Charles-Ive Got News For You
106. Fats Domino-Sick and Tired
107. Roscoe Shelton-Question
108. Grant Green-The Cantaloupe Woman
109. Prince La La-Baby Come Back To Me
110. Johnny Griffin-Wade In The Water
111. The Soul Sisters-I Cant Stand It
112. Inez & Charlie Foxx-I Fancy You
113. John Lee Hooker-This Is Hip
114. Lulu Reed & Freddie King-Its Easy Child
115. The Poets-She Blew A Good Thing
116. Billy Stewart-Summertime
117. The Ramsey Lewis Trio-Hang On Sloopy
118. Brother Jack McDuff-Hot Barbecue
119. Mark Murphy-Nothin But A Fool
120. Junior Parker-Last Night
121. Joe Hinton-How Long Can I Wait?
122. Jimmy McGriff-Lonely Avenue Pts 1&2
123. Eddie Holland-Leaving Here
124. Marvin Gaye-Try It Baby
125. Mongo Santamaria-Watermelon Man
126. Little Esther Phillips & Big Al Downing-Dont Miss Your Water
127. Googie Rene Combo-Mercy Mercy
128. Harold Betters-Do Anything You Wanna Do Pts 1&2
129. Shirley Scott-Yes Indeed Pts 1&2
130. Johnny Hammond Smith-Ebb Tide
131. Barbara Mason-Yes I’m ready
132. Lee Dorsey-Work Work Work
133. Oscar Brown Jr.-Brother Where Are You
134. Bobby Moore-Try My Love Again
135. Little Mac & The Boss Sounds-In The Midnight Hour
136. Roy Head-Treat Her Right
137. Jimmy Smith & His Big Band-A Walk On The Wild Side Pts 1&2
138. Russell Byrd-Hitch Hike Pts 1& 2
139. Freddie King-Now I’ve Got A Woman
140. Hank Jacobs-So Far Away
141. Steve Alaimo-Everyday I Have To Cry
142. Shirley & Lee-Let The Good Times Roll
143. Sonny Boy Williamson-Help Me
144. Don & Bob-Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
145. Willie Bobo-Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries
146. Bo Diddley-Crackin Up
147. Mongo Santamaria-Get The Money
148. Booker T & The MGs-Outrage
149. Alvin Cash & The Crawlers-Twine Time
150. Ernestine Anderson-Keep On Eye On Love
151. The Contours-Shake Sherry
152. The Daylighters-Oh Mom(Teach Me How To Uncle Wilie)
153. Lee Dorsey-Ride Your Pony
154. James Brown-Night Train
155. The Markeys-Last Night
156. Doris Troy-Just One Look
157. The Olympics-The Bounce
158. Cannonball Adderly-Tengo Tango
159. Lightnin Hopkins-You Got To Move Your Baby
160. Betty Everett-The Real Thing
161. The Marvelettes-Ill Keep Holding On
162. Little Johnny Taylor-You Win, I Lose
163. The Miracles-I Gotta Dance To Keep From Cryin
164. Solomon Burke-Down In The Valley
165. Esther Phillips-Release Me
166. Little Eva-The Locomotion
167. Benny Spellman-Fortune Teller
168. Muddy Waters-Messin With The Man
169. Etta James-Mellow Fellow
170. O.V. Wright-That’s How Strong My Love Is
171. Bobby Parker-Watch Your Step
172. Bobby Hendricks-Itchy Twitch Feeling
173. The Parliaments-Heart Trouble
174. Otis Redding-My Girl
175. Roscoe Shelton-Roll With The Punches
176. Ike & Tina Turner-I Cant Believe What You Say
177. The Spinners-Sweet Thing
178. Billy Stewart-Sugar and Spice
179. Christine Kitrell-Call His Name
180. Bobby Freeman-Cmon And Swin Pts 1&2
181. Lorez Alexander-Baltimore Oriole
182. The Exciters-Do Wah Diddy
183. Charlie & Inez Foxx-Mockingbird
184. Garnett Mimms-A Quiet Place
185. The Markeys-Bo Time
186. Freddie Scott-Hey Girl
187. Johnny Darrow-Dont Start Me Talking
188. Maxine Brown-Oh No Not My Baby
189. Jimmy Holiday-You Won’t Get Away
190. Rudy Lewis-Baby I Dig Love
191. Bobby Bland-Stormy Monday Blues
192. Bill Doggett-Lets Do the Continental
193. Ray Bryant-Slow Freight
194. Merle Spears-I Want To Know
195. Howlin Wolf-How Many More Years
196. Cal Tjader-Soul Sauce
197. Alvin Cash & the Registers-The Philly Freeze
198. Arthur Alexander-Soldier Of Love
199. Mike Pedicin-Burnt Toast And Black Coffee
200. Bessie Banks-Go Now

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Carnabetian Army Marches On!

THE CARNABY-Jump And Dance/My Love Will Stay Pye 7N,35272 1965

Many of you have different ideas of what "mod" music is. To many of us it's early/mid 60's soul/r&b/blues/ska sounds. To others it's '79 mod revival or ska. To me it's also been mid 60's British stuff played by cool dressed guys (and gals) who had one foot in the soul/r&b stream and another on the power pop/freakbeat side, all equal fans of both The Who and The Small Faces. "Jump And Dance" by The Carnaby completely exemplifies "mod" music for me in the mid 60's British sense. As seen above from an old music weekly clipping all five members actually all worked in various shops on Carnaby Street!
"Jump And Dance" is the epitome of 60's English cool. It's akin to the youthful mod/freakbeat cheekiness of The Game right down to it's Who-styled falsetto backing vocal harmonies. It's simplistic four or five chord Kinks brilliance is accented by a slightly distorted riff and it's military precision beat. It's a pure dance floor smash. The flip "My Love Will Stay" is another instance of the oft mentioned subject here on "Anorak Thing": the "what the hell is up with the B-side? Is it a different band?" category. I rest my case.

"Jump And Dance" has popped up on quite a few compilations over the years. Since it was released on Pye in the 60's everyone and their brother will tell you licensing stuff from Pye for reissue is easier than taking candy from a sleeping baby it's safe to assume it's on more than these few I'm about to suggest: Sequel's "Doin' The Mod Volume Two: Jump And Dance" and "Rubble 7: Pictures In The Sky" (as well as on the "Rubble One" box set).

Hear "Jump and Dance":

Here are some excellent photos of the band courtesy of their 60's manager Robert Orbach with a five piece line-up which he has graciously allowed me to reuse here:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Freakbeat Defined Part Three

THE GAME-Gonna Get Me Someone/Gotta Wait U.K. Decca F.12469 1966

Oh boy we're into some good stuff here boys and girls. The Game, for those of you not in the know were an incredible U.K. 60's band who cut five very definitive singles in '65-'67(all of which are quite collectible). I was fortunate to get my mitts on the first two back in the day, this one was the second single (more on their Pye debut shortly). Both sides of this killer were produced by Kenny Lynch, a performer in his own right and loosely associated with The Small Faces early on in their Decca career. The band were all under the age of 18 and A-1 mods to the man (boy?).

"Gonna Get Me Someone" first blew my mind when it jumped off the grooves at me on Bam Caruso's "The Electric Crayon Set:Rubble Volume Five" LP compilation back in 1987. Easily on par with Carnaby's brilliant "Jump And Dance" it's a pure mod/pop/proto freakbeat raver from start to finish with delicious harmonies, wiggy little distorted solo et al.. I liked it so much I managed to once cajole my band mates in The Tea Club(who with my leaving became the serious musicians they always were and changed their name to The Insomniacs) to cover it in 1988. I can't recall if we ever played it live but we did record a version of it once. No bother, it's a classic. The flip, "Gotta Wait" is equally worthy, starting off with a clanging power chord-on-the -verge-of-feeding back intro(a Game trademark!) accented by some very nice Who-ish high noted backing vocals and some thundering drums.

Both sides are on the highly recommended Game CD/LP anthology "It's Shocking What They Call Us" AND "The Electric Crayon Set:Rubble Volume Five" which also forms a part of the essential "Rubble Volumes 1-10" CD box set. "Gotta Wait" also appears on Decca/Deram's "The Beat scene" Cd compilation.

"Gonna Get Me Someone":

"Gotta Wait":

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Freakbeat Defined Part Two

THE KOOBAS-Sweet Music/Face U.K. Columbia DB 7988 1966

In our installment (January 13, 2009) we'd previously covered The Kooba's "You'd Better Make Up Your Mind" Pye 45 from April 1966. By August of 1966 the band had moved from Pye onto EMI's Columbia imprint and released this two sided sizzler!

"Sweet Music" kicks off with a barrage from a distorted power chord struck out of nowhere then progresses into a mid tempo beat ballad that's moved along nicely by a powerful backup. The vocals are somewhat soulful, but unlike the previous 45 on Pye this one bears no relation to soul. It's pure freakbeat all the way baby!! On the the flipside we have "Face". Not a mod anthem as the title might expect but a powerful freakbeat stormer in the grand tradition of fellow Liverpudlian's Wimple Winch. It's full rave up stuff with a chunky beat, soulful lead vocals, high backing vocals and and a "bash 'em up" beat that'd do '65 vintage Who proud! Lyrically it's a soliloquy by a tough narcissistic nut: "my world's a selfish place, I only see one face, that's my face..., don't need no human race....."! Sadly the band would go horribly wrong on their next release by covering what I'm told is Gracie Field's track called "Sally". I bought a Columbia "A" label promo of it back in the day and it ranks as one of my worst purchases ever (alongside Fire's "Round The Gum Tree"). Luckily they redeemed themselves on the one after that (more on that in the future kids).

TRIVIA:The Danish release came in a groovy picture sleeve of a b&w pic of the band in all their mod finery and substituted the rocking "Face" for a previously unavailable elsewhere moody orchestrated tune called "Woe Is Love My Dear".

Now where to find them, ahhhh, there lies the problem. Both cuts were issued as bonus tracks on a CD release of the band's untitled sole 1968 LP back in the 90's. Subsequent CD reissues of said LP do not contain bonus tracks (criminal)!

"Sweet Music":

See "Face" mimed on French TV:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Farlowe Freak Out!

CHRIS FARLOWE-Moanin'/What Have I Been Doing GERMANY Columbia C 23 562 1967

Back in the late 90's when Radio Free Europe went under the Princeton Record Exchange became the recipient of all it's 45's which were offered to the public (after a few select collector's had picked through them, missing among them, a 45 of "Crawdaddy Simone" by The Syndicats, more on that some other day). My pal Haim Kenig and I spent a day and a half on our hands and knees picking through literally several hundred white cardboard 45 boxes pouring over the singles. It's fair to say that 75% of them were pressings from the European continent, mostly Germany. I came upon this German Chris Farlowe picture sleeve 45 among them. I paid it little mind and hung the sleeve on my wall amongst my mosaic of 60's U.K./Euro p.s's. My jazz aficionado pal Jennie Wasserman brought it to my attention and asked if I liked it. I told her I didn't know, she assured me I'd love it. I pulled it down and played it, she was right (she hasn't steered me wrong yet).

The A-side of a full on 1967 version of the Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers/Lambert, Hendricks and Ross number. Like most Immediate sessions it featured a host of top notch players, among them Jimmy Page, who adds the heavy fuzz guitar and possibly the sitar noodlings. Farlowe uses his skill at jazzy vocals to easily sing this in a way that works (which sadly was not always the case with a great deal of his covers on Immediate, especially some of the soul sides) and the back end is brought up by some nice brass .

"What Have I Been Doing" is a tepid ballad with some nifty little sitars and acoustic guitar in the back ground that make it interesting and brings Donovan's "Ferris Wheel" to mind but the tune itself sadly falls flat .

Both sides are available on Farlowe's CD set "Out Of Time:The Immediate Anthology".

Hear "Moanin':

Hear "What Have I Been Doing":