Saturday, June 4, 2022

More U.S. Soul/R&B/Jazz/Blues 45's.....

1.  JOE JEFFREY-"The Train" US Wand WND 11207 1969

Best known for his solitary hit (and debut), March 1969's "My Pledge Of Love", this track was the flip of it's follow up "Dreamin' Till Then". It's an uptempo number that brings to mind Archie Bell and the Drells with a frantic pace heavily centered on the rhythmic guitar strokes and driving beat.

2.  THE FOUR PROS-"Everybody's Got Some Soul" US Carla 45-2532 1967

This amphetamine stormer is a dancefloor smash with punchy brass and an infectious groove with obligatory vibes and a muted catchy guitar lick behind the beat. It's high octane soul of course guarantees that it's much sought after.

3. SIR STAN AND THE COUNTS-"The Nitty Gritty's In Town" US Magnum 45-717 1964

This one is a beautiful, moody piece that starts out with some incredible jazzy chops and is essentially an instrumental with a improvisational "vocal" scatting over the top further accentuating it's understated coolness.

4. SILAS HOGAN-"I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby" US Excello 45-2231 1963

This one is an uptempo Louisiana blues belter with just a touch of grittiness (as one would expect from the Excello label), it's charm is Hogan's almost ambivalent vocal growl on top of the usual tried and true blues groove.

5. SONNY ACE & THE TWISTERS-"Wooleh Booleh" US Cobra CO-224 1965

This interesting cover of Sam The Sham and Co.'s  smash "Woolie Bully" is delivered in Spanish and has just enough charm to keep it from being pedestrian. Repetitive but worth investigating nonetheless!

6. NORMAN WEST-"What Kind Of Spell (Is This I'm Under)" US Smash S-2123 1967

I love this number but it's incredibly marred by a woman's blood curdling wail that's more annoying then dubbed in screams on a John's Children LP track! If you can push the caterwauling out of your brain West's vocals and the funky groove laid down on this is absolutely mind blowing!

7. PANCHO VILLA & THE BANDITS-"Ain't That Bad" US Pee Vee 100 1964

Wow! Here's another funky instrumental with some improvisational vocals over the top cutting a catchy groove that's trashy, gritty and utterly soulful. Feel the sweat drip from the walls and smell the stale odor of smoke and drink...

8. BIG MAMA THORNTON-"Wade In The Water" US Arhoolie 45-520 1969

Legendary blues howler Big Mama Thornton has an extensive CV of hip, but none stronger to my ears than this 100 mph soul work out of "Wade In The Water" that leaves Marlena Shaw's version at the finish line as far as I'm concerned.  Another one calling high $$$$$.

9. GARNELL COOPER AND THE KINFOLKS-"Green Monkey" US Jubilee 45-5445 1963

Owing just a nod to "Green Onions" this instrumental relies on some honky tonk sax to carry it along with a twangy, greasy guitar solo to keep it from backsliding into a pedestrian r&b instrumental.

10. LEN JOHNSON-"One Day" US Ray-Co R-503 1963

This bluesy ballad has just enough atmosphere to once again save it from being a rather pedestrian blues/r&b crooner but it's charm is in it's moody delivery that's just above yet another blues shuffle.

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