Monday, August 27, 2012

August's Picks

Well after a week of frolicking in the Atlantic with the Anorak family I have returned. To add to the summer's end feel of our holiday in the sea, sand and sun I've chosen ten tracks that played through my mind as I grew red, tasted salt water through my nostrils and heard the sounds of sea gulls, crashing waves and children's screeches...........

1. KALEIDSCOPE-"Holiday Maker"
"The white surf is breaking softly on the sand and the seagulls try for the bread that's in your hand but you don't understand for why they cry you're a holiday man with the sunshine in your eyes..."

2. TURQUOISE-"The Sea Shines"
An unreleased number from a brilliant quartet from Muswell Hill who released two brilliant 45's on Decca, this one would've made an excellent single!

3. THE HUMAN INSTINCT-"Death Of The Seaside"
Jaunty quintessential Kinks '67 style ditty from a group of Kiwi expats summing up the season's end with Nicky Hopkin's style ivory tinkling.

4.THE BEACH BOYS-"Catch A Wave"
You can't have sea, sun and sand without the Garcons De La Plage!

5. THE FRESH WINDOWS-"Summer Sun Shines"The A-side of the famous "Fashion Conscious" is this delightful little romp dedicated to sunshine in an archetype '67 sing along style .

6. THE PYRAMID-"The Summer Of Last Year"I've babbled enough about this 45 elsewhere numerous times, still a summer favorite!

7. THE WHO-"Drowned"
"Let me get back to the ocean, let me get back to the sea, let me calm and let me be strong and the tide can set me free...."

8. THE GUN-"Sunshine"
Mantra-esque (it basically only has one verse repeated over and over) driving rocker found on the flip of their "hit" tune "Race With The Devil", simplistic yet heavy without being tedious, in my book anyway.

9. GABOR SZABO-"Summertime"
Groovy offering by my fave jazz guitarist in his own un-inimitable raga style, jazzy, trippy (in a lysergic kinda way) and in depth without being over indulgent.

10. THE KINKS-"End Of The Season"
Sums it all up rather succinctly does it not?

Anoraks on holiday.........

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C said...

Welcome back! What a lovely photo too...

The Gun's 'Sunshine' is one of my all-time fave songs. Great choices.