Thursday, October 20, 2016

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Jackie Lomax as "One"

ONE-Hey Taxi/Enter My World US Columbia 4-44256 1967

We discussed 60's Liverpudlian musician Jackie Lomax awhile back in this earlier post, so we will dispense with the long musical background on him on this piece. This 45 was a one off U.S. only release credited to "One" who in reality were The Lomax Alliance, a short lived band who cut just one 45 but also a host of amazing unreleased cuts detailed in our earlier post.  Both of theses tracks are in my estimation among his strongest pieces of work.

"Hey Taxi" is an amazing two minute pop song. The chords and guitars remind me of some of the catchier moments of Gene Clark's first album with it's "Revolver" style licks, subtle brass and a bouncy/poppy feel. I can't help but feel it has an "American sound" to it.

"Enter My World" is even better , albeit too brief (it lasts less than a minute and a half).  Led by a tough riff backed by some slick harmonies and a bouncy feel like the A-side, it's accented by some perfectly placed bells and is incredibly catchy.

Both sides are available on the highly recommended Lomax CD compilation "Lost Soul: The Singles And Demo's '66-'67" and as a download from iTunes.

Hear "Hey Taxi":

Hear "Enter My World":

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