Monday, October 30, 2017

October's Picks

1. BO DIDDLEY-"I Can Tell"
Tucked away on the flip of "You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover" is this stone cold template for every British 60's beat and rhythm n' blues combo.

2. THE JAYBIRDS-"Somebody Help Me"
Here's one I'm going to own up and admit to knowing nothing about.  It was issued on the U.K. Sue label and it's essentially the backing track to the Jackie Edwards version but with some female vocalists who only sing the chorus.  Were they British?!  And who were they?! I swear I hear P.P. Arnold in there.

3. TRUDY PITTS-"It Was A Very Good Year"
My intro to Trudy Pitts came in the mid 90's via Rhino and one of their lounge CD compilations doing a version of "Take Five" which piqued my interest enough to delve into her more. This is my fave from her 2nd LP, 1967's Prestige LP "Introducing The Fabulous...".


4. THE LEN PRICE 3-"Man In The Woods"
Like old Billy Childish who inspired them The Len Price 3 have sadly become victims of their own musical anachronisms. Their new LP "Kentish Longtails" treads the same well worn path of their previous LP's I'm afraid to report. But I like this one, though I later figured out that its because incredibly similar to The TVP's "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives". :(

5. THE RUDIES-"Engine 59"
Another favorite on the highly collectible U.K. reggae label Nu-Beat comes this smooth groover that rolls along with some bluesy bar room piano tinkling away behind it's funky rocksteady beat.

6. THE LAUGHING SOUP DISH-"Teenage Lima Bean"
Straight out of suburban central New Jersey came this amazing psych 45 in 1985 that was one half The Pink Floyd and one half The 13th Floor Elevators. Sadly I missed these folks in real life (this line up anyway...) as when this 45 came out I was underage as they say....

7. ANNIE BRIGHT-"Concerning Love"
The beauty of YouTube is that you can stumble across great 45's like this 1969 U.K. cut written by Alan Hawkshaw and John Cameron.  Vocally it reminds me of a more powerful Dusty Springfield (lyrically and musically I think it's heavily influenced by "Dusty In Memphis"), but with some blistering late 60's guitar.  Powerful, with musical backing by "The Alan Hawkshaw Orchestra".

8. PETER WRIGHT-"House Of Bamboo"
Not to be confused with the Andy Williams/Earl Grant number, this 1967 tune is by an Australian cat. Musically it reminds of a mid 60's US garage 45 with its combo organ and fuzz guitar and a vocal style somewhere near Del Shannon's.

9. HELENE SMITH-"You Got To Be A Man"
Here's a tough one to find, from 1968 on the Phil-La-O-Soul label. I think what grabs me the most is the combination of Helene's voice and the sharp, punchy horns. Too pricey for my blood, hopefully someday I'll find one on a crate dig.

10. GRAHAM BONNEY-"Happy Together"
Pre-Joe Meek era Riot Squad lead singer Graham Bonney went solo in 1965 and had a semi lucrative career in the Germany whilst simultaneously cutting records at home in the U.K.  This Turtles cover is pretty much note for note and doesn't come close to the original but still manages to be interesting especially the backing and production (care of Tony Palmer).

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