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More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: David Bowie's Final Deram 45

DAVID BOWIE-Love You Till Tuesday/Did You Ever Have A Dream US Deram 45-DEM-85016 1967

David Bowie's third US 45 would be his last on the Deram label (it was also his last Deram 45 in the UK when it was issued in July 1967 as DM 135). It's American release was delayed until September and contrary to the label indicating it was "from the LP "David Bowie" it was not the version found on his debut LP but a re-recording that had been made on June 3rd with string arrangements by Ivor Ramonde (just two days after the release of David's debut LP). The single version is slightly less upbeat than the original album recording, with heavier orchestration with woodwinds and Bowie's vocals taking on a slightly more accentuated British accent. It is also of note that the track ends with the strings playing "Hearts And Flowers" after Bowie ruefully opines "well, I might be able to stretch it till Wednesday". This version was also used as the theme to the aborted 1969 David Bowie TV special "Love You Till Tuesday" (which was finally released in 1986).

"Did You Ever Have a Dream" is a number that I honestly have only recently grown to love. Interestingly driven by banjo (care of session-man extraordinaire Big Jim Sullivan) and tack piano it's probably one of the first pop songs to address astral projection and quite possibly also the first pop song to mention the boro of Penge ("you can walk around in New York while you sleep in Penge")!  It's happy-go-lucky feel is aided in no small part by some brilliantly regal brass parts. Bowie's vocals sound different than anything else from his Deram period, I can't quite put my finger on why though.  It ends with the sound of some breaking crockery.

Plugging "Love You Till Tuesday" on Dutch TV's "Fan Club" 11/7/67

Both tracks are available in a variety of places but we recommend the deluxe two CD 2010 reissue of David's debut album.

Hear "Love You Till Tuesday (Single Version)":

Hear "Did You Ever Have A Dream":

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