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More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: July

JULY-Hello, Who's There/The Way US Epic 5-10415 1968

July were one of the more obscure UK psychedelic bands who nonetheless built up quite a discography (including an untitled LP that even gained a US release)! Their October 1968 UK 45 "Hello, Who's There"/"The Way" (Major Minor MM 580) was their second single and was issued in the US the following month. It also saw releases in Belgium, France, Germany and Spain, it would however be their final release.

"Hello, Who's There" would not have been my strongest choice of contender's for an A side given the band's other material. July were capable of some pretty psychedelic stuff and "Hello, Who's There" sounds too cheeky-chappie/Cockney sing along psych for my liking with it's quirky melody and a sound not unlike the Bonzos after too much time "down the boozer". The backing brass also has a hint of Oompah band to it which is not remotely entertaining and adds to the schizophrenic nature of the track. The lead vocals remind me a bit of Phil May in the Pretties voice on the "SF Sorrow" stuff.

"The Way" is more freaky (in a positive way), with it's faint sitar and distant/disembodied vocals that sound not too unlike the effect on "Tomorrow Never Knows".  It quickly degenerates into a heavier fuzz guitar driven groove that's pretty trippy before trailing off into a mind numbing jam/ groove of wah-wah, sitar and some drums that bring it into a trance.

Belgian pressing

"The Way" appears on their untitled LP in a slightly different mix however "Hello, Who's There" did not.  Subsequent CD reissues of the LP have included both tracks.

Hear "Hello, Who's There":

Hear "The Way":

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