Sunday, September 29, 2019

More U.K. Obscurities (Big In Japan?): Tinkerbell's Fairydust

TINKABELL'S FAIRYDUST-Twenty Ten/Walking My Baby Japan London TOP 1287 1968

One wonders how many mid/late 60's British pop/psychedelic groups would have fallen through the cracks had it not been for the likes of Bam Caruso records and their indispensable "Rubble" series. Case in point are Tinkerbell's Fairydust, a U.K. pop-psych/harmony quartet (they were previously known as The Rush and had cut two singles in the U.K. on Decca). Tinkerbell's Fairydust cut three singles in the U.K. for  Decca from '67-'69 and HIDEOUSLY rare untitled LP (Decca LK/SKL5028 1969) . Their second single "Twenty Ten" (Decca F 12778 May, 1968) graced the "Clouds Have Groovy Faces: Rubble Vol. Six" compilation LP in 1986.

Interestingly it was also released in Japan( two month's after the U.K. issue ) where it was mis-credited to "Tinkabell's Fairydust"! It came in one of those usual Japanese picture sleeves that's just an insert (see above) in a plastic bag with a pic of the band on the back (see below).

"Twenty Ten", if you've not heard it before, is an amazing slice of choral psych pop full of Bach-like harmony perfection with a wah-wah-ed organ, Mellotron and these trippy phased bits that turn it all freaky.

The flip side "Walking My Baby" is a nondescript number that's just the lead singer with acoustic guitar and faint backing vocals, next.

Both sides are available through  iTunes for download as bonus cuts on their LP and the the Grapefruit CD album reissue. The A-side is on the earlier mentioned "Rubble" volume as well.

Both sides were also produced by Vic Smith who besides twiddling the knobs for a host of psych pop band's on Deram and Decca  later renamed himself Vic Coppersmith Heaven and went on to produce The Jam!

Hear "Twenty Ten":

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