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More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Herbie Goins and the Night-Timers


HERBIE GOINS AND THE NIGHT-TIMERS-Coming Home To You/The Incredible Miss Brown U.S. Capitol P 5978 1967

Herbie Goins was yet another American ex-serviceman on the London scene along with Geno Washington . Like Geno he had quite a popular live act that were darlings of the London night life in an atmosphere where live gigs by American soul bands were far and few between. Herbie had three singles and an LP in the U.K. on Parlophone and today's selection was his sole American release.

"Coming Home To You" was Herbie's third and final single in the U.K. issued as Parophone R 5533 in December 1966. It was not issued in the U.S. until August of the following year. "Coming Home To You" boasts some powerful horns and a mid tempo funky Stax style groove with some soulful vocals by Herbie. 

"The Incredible Miss Brown" is incredibly odd. It reminds of something Georgie Fame would have been talked into recording when he ditched The Blue Flames and moved to CBS (curiously several former Blue Flames found employment in The Night Timers after getting their walking papers) or Zoot Money's tongue and cheek "Nick Knack". It's not an awful song but the variety show jazz feel is somewhat hokey despite the really solid backing by The Night Timers.

Both tracks are available as bonus tracks on the 2008 Zonophone reissue of Herbie's 1967 LP "NO. 1 In Your Heart". 

Hear "Coming Home To You":

Hear "The Incredible Miss Brown":

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