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More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: The Merseybeats "Last Night"


THE MERSEYBEATS-Last Night/See Me Back U.S. Fontana S-1950 1964

Liverpool's Merseybeats released five singles in the U.S. on Fontana, this was their third issued here in November of 1964 (it was previously issued in the U.K. the month before where it was their fifth single).

"Last Night" is the epitome of the "beat ballad" with an incredible duet between bassist Johnny "Gus" Gustafson and singer/guitarist John Banks. Delivered with muted acoustic guitars and a jazzy guitar lick and a very spirited hand clap percussion it's melodic, moody and magnificent. 

"See Me Back" was written by Crane and Gustafson and employs their double edged vocal attack on top of a hard rocking delivery that really makes it work thanks to the edginess they bring to it. 

Both tracks are available on the thoroughly comprehensive 2021 Grapefruit two CD collection "I Stand Accused" which collected everything the band and it's members recorded in the 60's. 

Hear "Last Night":

Hear "See Me Back":

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