Monday, May 14, 2012

Maximum R&B!

The Who live at the Pier Pavillion, Felixstowe, Suffolk, U.K. September 8, 1966: 1. Heatwave 2. So Sad About Us 3. I'm a Boy 4. Substitute 5. My Generation


Monkey said...

Flipping lousy yet flipping great at the same time.

Cusp said...

Fantastic !

Cannot imagine what the staid community of Felixstowe made of The Who. I imagine kids travelled from miles around for that delight :)

(its actually called the Spa Pavilion :

Before it was renovated in the 90s they used to have araggedy collection of b&w autographed photos on a noticeboard by the bar of many of the famous acts who had appeared there. All lost now...and The Spa may well be lost soon funding

Thanks for pointing me towards this clip