Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: The Uglys

THE UGLYS-A Good Idea/The Quiet Explosion U.S. ABC-Paramount 45-107773 1966

Birmingham beat act The Uglys (also listed as The Uglies) cut 4 singles in the U.K. for the Pye label. Oddly the first 3 of them were released here in the States on the ABC-Paramount label (for a full Ugly's discography pop on over to our fave site which we're a frequent contributor to: 45cat).

The Uglys are best known to the world as the launch pad for one Steve Gibbons, a name that means virtually nothing to me but I've heard bandied about quite often. The band had a revolving line up but thanks to the Brumbeat website I've been able to nail down the personnel on this 45 as : Steve Gibbons (vocals/guitar), John Hustwate (bass), Jimmy O'Neill (keyboards) and Jim Holden (drums).

"A Good Idea" was their last of 3 U.S. releases (launched in February 1966). It's a mid tempo number driven along by some Farfisa and some cracking drumming behind Gibbon's laid back vocals.  The backing vocals are pretty slick too.  I like it but my real fave is on the flip and has been a fave ever since the early 90's when I first heard it on a slapdash CD comp Sequel did called "Paisley Pop". "A Quiet Explosion" could be considered a social commentary of sorts lyrically, but all that's swept aside by the absolutely insane, hypnotic carnival organ on speed trills being played beneath some amazing drumming and manic basslines.  Production is credited to one Alan A. Freeman, he was not the same as Alan Freeman the 60's British DJ, but is better known as Petula Clark's producer in the 60's prior to Tony Hatch.  Both sides incidentally are group originals.

Both sides were issued on the long out of print CD compilation "Paisley Pop" and on a out of print Ugly's CD retrospective "The Quiet Explosion".

Hear "A Good Idea":


Hear "The Quiet Explosion":


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