Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Action on "Where The Action Is"

Maybe I'm a little late on this but I've just stumbled upon footage of The Action on Dick Clark's "Where The Action Is" TV program that some friends have shared today on Facebook. The segment was recorded for broadcast here in the States and was filmed outside Albert Hall March 17, 1966 alongside The Small Faces, The Yardbirds, The Spencer Davis Group, Them,Unit 4 + 2, The Mindbenders, The Nashville Teens, The Moody Blues and The Zombies.  Still photos of many of these acts performing for the show cropped up in Rhino's excellent pictorial "The British Invasion" (featuring a tasty live shot of  five piece Action onstage at The Marquee).  The clip quality is shit but still amazing to see!

 The band also "recorded" "Land Of 1000 Dances" for the broadcast but that has yet to surface. "I'll Keep Holding on" was broadcast in a May episode of the show while "Land Of 1000 Dances" was shown in June.

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diskojoe said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing. I remember seeing the footage of Love doing "Little Red Book" on American Bandstand for the first time. It was like seeing footage of ancient Egyptians walking around the Pyramids. Anyway, both the Who & Yardbirds were also on Where the Action Is. I also have a bootleg DVD of Paul Revere & the Raiders, who were the house band on that show. They even did a version of "My Generation" while dressed up as cavemen! I hope someday the Dick Clark Estate will release footage of this show before we die.