Saturday, September 28, 2013

September's Picks

With Autumn on the move here in Lower Binfield I put together a little playlist of "Autumn tunes", ten of which I've selected here....

1. BILL FAY-"We Want You To Stay"
One of the shining moments from Bill's highly recommended untitled 1970 Deram/Nova debut LP is this track masterfully orchestrated with lots of brass and a kicking melody perfect for a sunny Sunday in September. A big cheers to my pal Johnny Bluesman who turned me onto both of Bill's LP's!

 2. RONNIE LANE-"Anyone For Anymore"
More dulcet tones from the late Ronnie Lane exquisitely backed by mandolin and accordion building a rootsy but pleasant textured tune.  They don't make them like this anymore folks.

 3. PENTANGLE-"Light Flight"
Catchy, almost jazzy with the ethereal vocals of Jacqui McShee this 1969 number was the theme tune to "Take Three Girls", a TV drama series. It's intricate melodic guitar licks (c/o John Redbourn who incidentally provided all the guitar work for David Bowie's debut LP).

4. THE PICADILLY LINE-"At The Third Stroke"
Coming across as a mix of Britain's answer to Simon and Garfunkel and Billy Nicholl's debut LP, The Picadilly Line issued a horribly rare LP in '67 "The Huge World Of Emily Small" where this atmospheric folk/pop ditty comes from and magical it is.

5. DONOVAN-"Turquoise"
One of my fave Donno tracks from his folky "pre-electric" period released as a single and also found on his American Hickory records LP "The Real Donovan".  At times the harmonica gets a bit too much hitting some notes that border on white noise but the mood is somber and has an amazing "calming effect".

6. SYD BARRETT-"Love Song (Take One)"
An amazing alternate take of perhaps my fave Syd Barret track (found on his 2nd LP "Barrett").  It's basically just Syd and his acoustic guitar, simplistic but shines light on the creative ability of a man often touted to have been in a vegetative state.

From their untitled 1967 debut LP this cut has a feel of The Association on their "Birthday" LP with some great choral pop perfection vocals and a basic folky backing track. Not at all what I'd expected from a band who my limited scope of material was their country "May The Circle Be Unbroken" LP (which my father played to death).

8. DAVY GRAHAM-"Hummingbird"
From Graham's stellar "Midnight Man", this jazzy, breezy little number contains some nimble fretwork by Graham and a laid back swing.

9. GABOR SZABO-"Three Kingfishers"
The Maharishi of jazz raga (along with Davy Graham I suppose).  This ultra trippy, dreamy take on Donovan's "Three Kingfishers" is positively hypnotic .  From his essential "Bacchanal" album chock full of raga jazzy goodness. Trip out, flip out make your stand folks....

10. AL STEWART-"Turn Into Earth"
Mr. Year of the Cat's debut disc was this dreary, bleak but incredible version of the Yardbird's tune from their "Roger The Engineer" LP with lots of deep vocals, jazzy flute and thundering drums beneath it all. Released as the flipside to his 1966 single on Decca "The Elf".

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