Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February's Picks

1. JOHN"S CHILDREN-"Come And Play With Me In The Garden"
It's been 30 years since I first heard John's Children on a bargain bin Polydor comp LP called "Medium Rare" ("Sarah Crazy Child") and here I am shelling out $$$ once again for possibly the fourth John's Children CD compilation I've owned, "A Strange Affair:The Sixties Recordings" (see picture above). But this will be the last and "Come And Play..." is one of their wiggiest tunes and still sounds magic to these ears.


2. THE ASSOCIATION-"Looking Glass (mono version)"
I recently was hipped to the Mono mix of my fave Association elpee "Renaissance" and this completely revamped version of "Looking Glass" with a totally different vocal trick is an aural trip (my pal Mike Sin informed me that the vocal track was re-recorded in an attempt to capitalize on the success of "Cherish").


This is a bashing good cover of Charles Mingus powerful Civil Rights anthem cut by the pre-Procol Harum Southend-On-The Sea r&b connoisseurs, previously unissued and unearthed for their LP/CD comp on Edsel "Whiter Shades Of R&B".


4. THE SMALL FACES-"Mystery"
One of the gems of the new Small Faces Immediate box (we'll get around to reviewing that soon I swear) is this incredible alternate version of "Something I Want To Tell You" on a mock up acetate 7".  Ronnie Lane's voice is extra high up in the mix and I daresay I prefer this mix to the LP one!

My pal Chaz from Huddersfield put this amazing take on the Burt Bacharach number on a CD mix for me back in 2007 and it's my fave version.  Maybe it's the musical backing that reminds of a Dusty Springfield track, but Helen's voice is pretty darned impressive!!


6. THE IGUANA-"Imagine This"
A brilliant spot of Downunder sunshine pop in the vein of The Association from 1967 brought to us by Big Beat's excellent 60's Aussie CD compilation "Peculiar Hole In The Sky" who's liner notes claim the vocal track on this tune was cut in one take.  Have a listen and see if your mind isn't suitably blown.


7. THE SLENDER PLENTY-"I've Lost A Friend And Found A Lover"
On the flip of a great lost David Bowie tune "Silver Tree Top School For Boys" is this tune I recently discovered courtesy of the "Piccadilly Sunshine" series (Volume 10). It's simplistic but fantastically catchy all the same!


8. DUSTY SPRINGFIELD-"Don't Forget About Me"
One of my fave Dusty numbers and alongside the powerhouse "Breakfast In Bed" is number from "Dusty In Memphis".  Possibly one of her most soulful tracks ever, especially during the chorus.  It was recently brought back into my life by all things, a Starbucks/Rhino records Dusty CD compilation (that rather foolishly and boastfully proclaims her "The Queen Of The Mods", blasphemy!!!).


9. THE HI-FI's-"Tread Softly For The Sleepers"
A German only 45 by this mid 60's U.K. band from 1967 is a perfect slice of soulful, melodic pop with an infectious groove and some great Who/Pretty Thing's '66 power chord thrashing! First brought to my attention in the 90's on the "Hens Teeth: Psychedelia" LP comps it wasn't till I re-listened to it on the "Love, Poetry & Revolution" set.


10. THE PRISONERS-"Thinking Of You (Broken Pieces)"
No doubt THE most miserable song about the dissolution of a relationship ever written yet it's incredibly poetic and brilliant.  From their 3rd LP "The Last Fourfathers" (and incidentally my favorite!)


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