Saturday, June 28, 2014

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: The Mustang

THE MUSTANG-Why/Here There And Everywhere U.S. Ascot 2231 1967

File under "we haven't got a fucking clue". The Mustang "Why" is a quite uncommon U.K. 45 from 1967 (U.K. issue Parlophone R 5579 March 1967). I know nothing about the band or the record, in fact this was their only single that I'm aware of and I only knew the tune because my old pals in Minneapolis, Minnesota The Conquerors covered it back in 1998 on their Get Hip 10" E.P. "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead".

"Why" starts off with a cracking drum kick and bounces into a jaunty little ballsy beat number that sounds firmly '65 NOT '67! The driving bass and crunchy rhythm remind me of The Easybeats meet The Kirkbys and the vocals remind me of The Rutles!  Seriously have a listen!

As for the flip, well...The Fourmost and Episode Six covered "Here There And Everywhere" and none of them improved on it so why should anyone else, this is beyond pedestrian?!  'Nuff said.

Has it been comped anywhere? No. F*cking criminal isn't it?!

Hear "Why":

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