Monday, February 26, 2018

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Brian Auger Covers The Fab Four

BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY-A Day In The Life/Bumpin' On Sunset US Atco 45-6656 1969

In addition to a parallel career of backing vocalist Julie Driscoll ace UK Hammond wizard Brian Auger maintained a separate career with his band The Trinity (also featuring bassist Dave Ambrose and drummer Clive Thacker, known as "Lobs" and "Toli" respectively).

Culled from his 1968 LP "Definitely What" the two tracks on this 45 were released in March of 1969 and not issued anywhere else (the flip did get released in the UK and Spain as the B side to "What You Gonna Do" however).

Auger's reading of "A Day In The Life" owes some of it's arrangements to that of the jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery's cover from his 1967 LP of the same title.  Auger's version utilizes strings similar to Montgomery's reading, though not as avant garde as his.  What's cool about it is Auger plays Montgomery's guitar licks on the B-3 and the string/brass arrangements have a more easy listening feel to them reminding me of a film score by Ron Grainer and the track is decidedly more upbeat.

Speaking of Wes Montgomery....the flip side, "Bumpin' On Sunset" is a cover of a track he wrote and recorded on his 1966 Verve LP "Tequila" (it was also a single split on two halves as Verve VK-10442). The original has a mellow "smooth jazz" feel (and I am hesitant to use that description due to negative connotations......) with a laid back feel with subtle strings and Ray Baretto adding congas. Auger's version eschews all of that and with it's somber strings and well placed organ licks again has the feel of a kitschy late 60's film score making it entirely palatable but in a different way.

Both tracks are available on the reissue of the 1968 "Definitely What" LP, which if you have not heard I cannot recommend strongly enough.

Hear "A Day In The Life":

Hear "Bumpin' On Sunset":

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