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More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: The Ivy League Part One

THE IVY LEAGUE-Funny How Love Can Be/Lonely Room US Cameo 356 1965

Britain's Ivy League released a host of singles back home on the Piccadilly label from 1964-1967.  They were comprised of songwriters/vocalists John Carter and Ken Lewis (who had previously made records as Carter-Lewis and The Southerners) and singer Perry Ford (who cut several solo singles and one as Perry Ford and The Sapphires in 1962 featuring one of the earliest recordings of Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames as his backing band).

Carter/Lewis's "Funny How Love Can Be" was the band's second UK 45 (Piccadilly 7N 35222 January 1965, the same time as The Who's debut 45 featuring them on backing vocals!) and was their American debut when launched in March of '65.  Starting with a melodic guitar with an almost folk rock jangle, "Funny How Love Can Be" showcases the band's famous three part harmony sound that brings to mind The Four Seasons minus Frankie Valli's high vocal histrionics.

"Lonely Room" (penned by all three members) starts with some acapella vocals. It's not a horrible track but comes across as mundane at first until the wiggy guitar solo (Jimmy Page or Big Jim Sullivan?) and Beach Boys style descending harmonies punctuated by some hand claps move it along.  It was later cut by another UK Beach Boys/harmony influenced act, The Factotums (Immediate IM 009 October 1965).

Both sides are available on a variety of Ivy League compilation CD's. As their material is owned by Castle Communications they've been licensed to death and finding CD's of them is easy peasy.

Here "Funny How Love Can Be":

Hear "Lonely Room" :

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