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More U.K. Tracks On U.S. Labels: The Applejacks Do Lennon/McCartney

THE APPLEJACKS-Like Dreamers Do/Everybody Fall Down US London 45-LON-9681 1964

The Applejacks epitomized the double edged sword that went along with covering a Lennon/McCartney track, they also fell victim to chauvinistic accusations of gimmicky for having a female bassist and it is sadly these two minor footnotes that they are known for. Their debut 45 in February 1964 ,"Tell Me When" (penned by Les Reed and Geoff Stephens) shot to number #7 in the UK charts (UK issue Decca F 11833, US issue London 45-9658). Their next 45 was June 1964's "Like Dreamers Do", written by Lennon and McCartney (but never officially released by The Beatles). Normally in 1964 releasing a Lennon/McCartney composition as an A-side in the UK pretty much guaranteed a trip to the hit parade so things looked promising in June of 1964 when Decca issued it as F 11916, it was simultaneously issued in the US by London . Sadly for The Applejacks the track stalled at #20 (despite an appearance of the band miming to it in the film "Go Go Big Beat") and spelled the end of their hit making days.

"Like Dreamers Do" is a fairly mediocre tune and it's not surprising that the Beatles passed on recording it themselves. It's not awful but it's certainly not one of their stellar compositions either, at best it's a passable, chirpy little beat number. The Applejacks would have one more crack at a Lennon/Macca composition later recording a version of "Baby's In Black" that cropped up on a Decca various artists charity compilation "14" (curiously re titled "England's Biggest Hit Makers" by London in the US, also the title of The Rolling Stones debut LP on the same label!). The real gem is the B-side "Everybody Fall Down" (Curiously titled "(Boom Boom Boom) Everybody Fall Down" in the UK) and penned by future Honeybus members Pete Dello and Ray Cane (who were the author's of "Baby Jane", the flip of the band's debut 45) it's one of the Applejacks best tracks. It's a 100 mph beat rave-up with a fast pace accented by it's infectious chorus of "And it's boom boom boom boom...", there's also a nifty little blistering guitar solo.

The band would go on to cut 4 more singles for Decca (only one of which, the next one "I'm Gonna Send My Love (Three Little Words)" would see a US release) before switching labels (and lead singers) for one final single on CBS in 1967.

Both tracks have been issued on a variety of Applejacks collections issued by Decca, the most recent being the CD compilation "Tell Me When, Like Dreamers Do And 24 More Fab Tracks!" which covers everything released by them on Decca.

Hear "Like Dreamers Do":

Hear "Everbody Fall Down":

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