Sunday, July 14, 2019

Alan Price: Life After The Animals

ALAN PRICE SET-The House That Jack Built/Who Cares UK Decca F12641 1967

Much like Paul Jones when he jumped ship from Manfred Mann, ex-Animal Alan Price ran quickly away from the r&b of the band that made him famous and straight into the arms of "pop music". "The House That Jack Built" was Price's sixth solo 45 in the U.K. Issued in July 1967 it was also his first composition to air as an A-side in his solo career and the absolute antithesis for the Summer of Love.

For years I had always assumed "The House That Jack Built" was a cover, perhaps even a Randy Newman tune as there's something about it's jaunty mood that reminds me of it's predecessor, a version of Newman's "Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear" (UK Decca F12570). It's quirky and the lyrics about a house of eccentrics give it that offbeat pop feel akin to the Manfred's hit "My Name Is Jack". It also sounds suited for future partner in crime Georgie Fame and his poppier sides he was cutting in 1967.

The flip side, "Who Cares" is another Price original.  Again the lyrics are a tad oblique and there's nothing redeeming about it to my ears. Next!

Both sides are available on a 3 CD set "Twice The Price" that contains everything Price ever recorded for Decca.

Hear "The House That Jack Built":

Hear "Who Cares":

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