Sunday, July 7, 2019

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: The Young Idea

THE YOUNG IDEA-Mr. Lovin' Luggage Man/Room With A View US Capitol P 2093 1968

U.K. duo The Young Idea were very much in the vein of Paul & Barry Ryan, Twice As Much or The Truth as far as UK duos go. Comprised of Douglas Macrae-Browne and Tony Cox they cut a host of 45's (and an LP) in the UK on the Columbia label from 1966-1967. Today's subject is their fifth and final single, issued on the UK a Columbia DB 8284 in October 1967, it was held up for a US release until January 1968 (where it was their third and final US single).

"Mr. Lovin' Luggage Man" was written by Les Reed and Barry Mason and it's a pseudo baroque orchestrated pop piece not at all dissimilar to Twice As Much. It's a bit chirpy at times but the strings are absolutely ear catching!

"Room With A View" is the stronger of the two tracks in my mind.  The sawing violins have a discordant ring to them that brings the Velvet Underground to mind and it has all the other trappings necessary for it to be a pop psych gem from it's harmonies to it's slickly produced perfection.

"Mr. Lovin' Luggage Man" cropped on on one of the "Piccadilly Sunshine" compilations, on their "Part Thirteen" volume. Sadly "Room With A View" has failed to materialize anywhere as of yet.

Hear "Mr. Lovin' Luggage Man":

Hear "Room With A View":

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