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More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Tony & Tandy

TONY AND TANDY-Two Can Make It Together/Bitter With The Sweet US Cotillion 44042 1969

The short lived U.K. duo Tony & Tandy were a pairing of the Fleur De Ly's lead singer Tony Head and U.K. based South African singer, the late Sharon Tandy. In addition to a host of solo 45's (many in a soul vein) Tandy had previously had the band's backing on her sultry reading of "Hold On" (issued simultaneously in competition with a version by Rupert's People, who were also The Fleur De Ly's) and the witchy "Daughter Of The Sun" (a perfect bookend for The Kink's "Wicked Anabella"). As a pair Tony and Tandy released just one 45, today's specimen which was first released in the UK as Atlantic 584262 in April 1969, bringing up the rear a US pressing was released in July of '69 on the Cotillion label. Produced by the famous Graham Dee it's an amazing little dose of British blue eyed soul.

"Two Can Make It Together" is a brilliant uptempo soul stormer, with great orchestration and excellent vocals that make Tony & Tandy sound like the Marvin and Tammi of the British Isles! It was arranged by Gerry Shury and allegedly got a resurrection on dance floors during the "Northern soul" era.
Tandy (Tony not pictured).

The flip, "The Bitter With The Sweet" is not as strong. It's more mid tempo and though not awful, it's not something I'd play again. Incidentally it was composed by Graham Dee and Brian Potter with US soul singer Donnie Elbert.

The A-side was issued on several compilations, among them Acid Jazz's "The Graham Dee Connection-The 60's Collection" and on their 3 CD box set "Rare Mod (60 Prime Cuts Of 60's Underground Rhythm n Blues, Psych & Soul)".

Hear "Two Can Make It Together":

Hear "The Bitter With The Sweet":

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Eff-Aff' said...

Taste may differ. The flip is such a great and deep tune and in my ears much, much better than the typical Soul-Pop A-side. For me, a great double-sider anyway.