Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Zombies "Is This The Dream"


THE ZOMBIES-Is This The Dream/Don't Go Away US Parrot 45 PAR 9821 1966

The Zombie's seventh U.S. single arrived in February 1966 (it was previously issued in the U.K. as Decca F 12296 in November of '65). It would be their next to last single for Parrot and was issued long after the band's brief run of U.S. hits had long since passed. Despite the lack of a recent U.S. hit (their last Top 40 chart placing here was "Tell Her No" in late 1964 which reached #6) Parrot continued to match most of their U.K. seven inch offerings with a U.S. release.

Keyboardist Rod Argent's "Is This The Dream" is almost "tough" sounding at times. Blunstone's vocals nearly strain on top of a driving Motown beat punctuated by some "hey hey hey"'s by the band. It launches into a mashed up electric piano solo by Rod Argent all led by an infectious James Jamerson style bass line by Chris White (which doubles up as the number is winding up and Blunstone once again sings on the verge of breaking his voice). The harmonies really carry this one and though they are at odds with the roughness of it I love it!

The flip side "Don't Go Away" is a somber affair. It's sparse musical backing (acoustic guitar, faint organ, bass, drums) sounds almost like an unfinished track and it's lyrically geeky, like an almost forced "Let's Spend The Night Together" with Blunstone sounding almost unconvincing in his efforts to get his partner to stay with him. Try as I may this track just doesn't cut it for me, sorry fellas.

Both sides are available in a host of places because it literally seems like Ace/Big Beat issues a new Zombies collection literally every year!

Hear "Is This The Dream":

Hear "Don't Go Away":

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